Using Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Drive Business Growth

"But that's the way we have always done it" - A few small words that will guarantee to put you firmly behind the competition as business agility and a high degree of analytical predictability shapes the success of modern business.

As a leader in business or in IT, are you and your colleagues grappling with one of more of the following?

  • My planning and business assumptions are based on years of historical data from our systems of record.
  • How do I look firmly towards the future with only a view of the past?
  • How do I lessen the dependence on intuition, for a more proven and accurate data input.
  • I know there are many different Data sources that constitute "Big Data" but how do I select, understand and interpret them in a way that will improve and accelerate my Business Planning and forecasting?
  • How do I interpret and turn all of this Data to Insights and Insights to winning strategy, faster for Competitive Advantage?

Our Big Data and Predictive Analytics practice understands that business has historically planned for the future by looking firmly through the rear view mirror at historical trends and data from systems of record such as ERP and MRP coupled with intuition and human interpreted experience.

Our Industry leading team of Consultants understand that to make sense of the future, data from many sources such as IoT, Financial, Geo - Political, Climatic, Social, and Sentiment and including any systems of record have to be integrated. Only then using the correct tools and "smart" algorithms (predictive analytics) can a firm and accurate view of the present and future business landscapes be achieved interpreted and acted upon, enabling CXO's and business analyst/planners to make highly informed decisions based on accurate predictive data, rather than intuition, and/or systems of record.

To solve the conundrum faced by modern business, our Big Data and Predictive Analytics Practice offers the following services:

  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics, Analysis, Strategy & Road mapping.
  • Value Analysis, Business Case and TCO/ROI evaluation for new technology introduction & implementation.
  • Data science based algorithmic development and fine tuning.
  • Technical Assessment and tool selection (SAP HANA/Vora/Business Objects, Tableau, Prevedere, Hortonworks etc.)
  • Building and supporting a Big Data and Predictive Analytics Centre of Excellence
  • Business and IT reengineering and transformation to improve the adoption of Big Data and Predictive Analytics to encompass and drive business based outcomes.

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