Big Data and Advanced Analytics

A few small words that will guarantee to put you firmly behind the competition as business agility and a high degree of analytical predictability shapes the success of modern business

Technical Service

Today's business challenges demand alignment of business strategies, business processes, and IT investments. With IT playing such a critical role in meeting your specific business goals targets







Big Data has emerged as an important factor for established competitors and new entrants to innovate, create and capture value from information. It also provides an opportunity to "get to know" the business and industry in a data driven fashion as opposed to intuition driven. Big Data tools and technology empower information consumers to link structured and unstructured datasets to create insights and provide data exploration and data visualization platform. Acequest team has been involved in identifying business cases for Big Data, and successfully delivering frameworks for "data driven" analytics. Our focus is to support innovation that is supported with quantifiable measures and meaningful business results.

Why Acequest?

Acequest provides a unique value proposition by combining the strategic planning capability and enterprise integration utilizing different Big Data tools and technologies. Our team has delivered multiple successful Big Data projects using Hadoop framework, Predictive Analytics, and Teradata.

  • > Involved in various industry focused workshops to demonstrate "Enterprise Transformation and Strategic Planning leveraging Big Data Tools and Technologies"
  • > Delivered POCs using Hadoop and external datasets from different companies.
  • > Build advanced predictive analytical models and algorithms using SAP Predictive Analytics and PAL functions.
  • > Successfully demonstrated the power of interactive OLAP/BI on Big Data to business users.
  • > Our team is skilled in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), enterprise search and advanced mathematical

Our services

High volumes of complex data are acquired from a variety of data sources and processed. Acequest Corporation experts enable merging, transformation and processing of such data before load to target data warehouse, to enable analysis on top of such data


Data Strategy, Technology Selection and Architecture Advisory

Data Integration

Extraction of Big Data from diverse sources and processing of the same

Cloud Services

Secure, scalable and high-performance big data platform on the cloud

Discovery Services

Visualization services on top of Big Data processing landscape

Performance Tuning

Monitoring, maintenance and enhancement to improve performance


Training on technologies like Hadoop, Apache, Spark, Hive, Cassandra, MongoDB

Years of experience you always count on us the best guidance

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