Successful EDW (HANA or BW) and Analytics solution implementations require a team with solid business and deep technical know how. A team that is determined to exceed requirements, to hold timelines and to meet budgets. A team that is capable of supporting you on your EDW journey all the way from formulating the EDW Strategy to ongoing application management & support. A team that is available to you globally, across all time zones.

We envision our role to be enablers and caretakers at the same time. We strive to enable our clients to take control of their applications at any point in time, by providing full transparency about the strategy, the design, the implementation progress and the tools and technologies used. We are caretakers by letting our customers focus on their key business and by providing special expertise where there is no benefit for the customer to dive into technical details and by taking up commodity work wherever possible.

Strategy & Governance

In most business organizations today, corporate strategy is largely driven by data. Big Data, Real Time Analytics, Predictive Analytics and other current technologies need to be integrated with traditional analytic or planning applications and reporting solutions to generate insight and to enable fast and accurate decision making. Governance models that pro-actively support an EDW of two speeds complement the strategy and allow for both, bulletproof operations for key business processes and highly agile and responsive analytics where needed.

Scoping & Requirements

Solid understanding of key business processes and the way business uses analytics to gain competitive advantage is the basis of successful scoping and requirements analysis. Asking the right questions to the right people, questioning established ways of working, triggering new ideas and approaches, connecting different worlds of data and providing alternate perspectives are part of the Acequest consultative approach.

Architecture & Design

An ever increasing speed of change in technology, hybrid environments with multiple generations of tools from multiple vendors demands a future proof architecture that is designed for flexibility, that is fast enough to implement and sufficiently cost-efficient to generate quick return on investments. Acequest architect and their deep experience in setting up and in assessing large scale EDW and analytics architectures help you to make the right decisions in setting up your analytic applications and infrastructure.

Development & Testing

A mix of technologies is usually required to develop a EDW and Analytics solution, ranging from data acquisition (ETL) to data and meta data management to reporting and analytics. Acequest provides implementation services for SAP (HANA, BW, BusinessObjects etc) and non-SAP (Teradata, Microsoft BI, Tableau) technologies. Our quality assurance process includes, but is not limited to a strict internal review process (peer reviews, quality gates etc). Our comprehensive, methodical approach to testing ensures high quality standards and traceable test results.

Deployment & Support

Once a development is signed off by our clients, we are there to guarantee a smooth transfer into the production landscape, minimizing the impact on existing applications. Handover to ongoing application maintenance and support - provided by Acequest or by a 3rd party concludes the development process


Acequest supports multiple different implementation methodologies including SAP's own ASAP methodology and Agile Methodologies (e.g. Scrum). We are ready to provide advice in choosing the right methodology and ready to integrate with client defined methodologies.

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